H-720F Furniture Series Automatic MahJong Table

Treyo H-720F is one of our newest dual use Furniture Series in the year 2017.  Serving as dining table sets of 7 units or automatic mahjong table. Standalone table is available for sale. The solid beech constructs the whole furniture sets. Solid wood comes with faux leather as top of tabletop and seats to offer players a comfortable experience in entertainment. This unit is equipped with ultra slim/silent F500 main plate with four individual mounted motors given it the most powerful automatic mahjong table in its class.

Call tel: +1(909)869-7388 for availability.

Treyo H-720F

  1. Built in F platform main plate, ultra slim/silent
  2. Dual use serving as dining table sets of or automatic mahjong table. Standalone table is available for sale.
  3. Individual copper motors for longer lifetime
  4. Solid wooden tabletop, frame and chair with fabric covering cushion for seats and back
  5. Four individual opening doors/trays


  • Tiles size: 40mm
  • Table size: 1030x1030mm
  • Weight: around 200 lbs
  • Color: as attached photo
  • Output:110v, 60Hz

雀友 H-720F

  1. 可單獨購買麻將桌。
  2. 超薄主機 : 採用超薄靜音的F平台,134mm主機。
  3. 靜享空間 : 十大創新結構設計,25處降噪工藝處理,運行靜音環保。
  4. 人性智能 : 人體工學設計,自動除靜電,7個檔位自動識別,設計人性化,操作便捷。
  5. 櫸木實木 : 採用櫸木板材,材質異常堅硬,結實厚重,一直是古代家庭ˊ製作家俱的首選材料。還可作為建築用材,質地均勻,經久耐用。
  6. 線縫皮革 : 結合櫸木木材的膠合性好特性,桌面採用特種膠加硬質皮革膠合,再在邊緣處輔以線縫工藝手法,等均分的線縫分佈點綴,精緻美觀。
  7. 新中式風格 : 整體風格以長短線條為元素,工藝以實木加皮革的方式,線條簡潔明快,大開大合,皮革點綴修飾,剛中帶柔,新中式風格特點顯示。


  • 麻將牌:40mm
  • 桌面:1030x1030mm
  • 重量:約200磅
  • 顏色:如附圖
  • 電壓:110v