New Louis Furniture Series Automatic MahJong Table

Treyo New Louis is one of our newest dual use Furniture Series in the year 2017.  Serving as dining table sets of 7 units or automatic mahjong table.  Engraved wood of birch tree in the style from famous French designer Louis De Lanois. This unit is equipped with ultra silent C300S main plate with four individual mounted motors given it the most powerful automatic mahjong table in its class.

Call tel: +1(909)869-7388 for availability.

Treyo New Louis

  1. Build in C300S main plate, ultra silent
  2. Includes: two sets of mahjong tiles, chips and dust cover
  3. Quiet and smooth operation
  4. Individual Drawers and Motor Sensors
  5. Cooper motor main plate

Specs :

  • Tiles size: 40mm
  • Table size: 1030x1030mm
  • Weight: around 220 lbs
  • Color: as attached photo
  • Output:110v, 60Hz


雀友 新路易斯 New Louis

  1. 隨機附贈兩付麻將牌
  2. 內置C300S超靜音主機
  3. 創新5E智慧超靜音系統 : 精心研製,在多處細節的結構、材料、機構、程序、工藝上做改善,以達非凡靜諡。
  4. 雙槓平推結構 : 採用雙桿連軸平推組件,使推牌結構不受墩數限制。同時結構也更加穩固耐用。
  5. 全銅電機 : 主機機芯14個電機均採用全銅電機,耐熱性更強,使用壽命更長久

規格 :

  • 麻將牌:40mm
  • 桌面:1030x10305mm
  • 重量:約200磅
  • 顏色:如附圖
  • 電壓:110v