Luxury Mahjong Tables

We are is proud to offer you the following series of fully automatic mahjong tables.  Every style to fit your decor, budget and unmatched reliability.



Economy Series

For the budget minded customer who is looking for a ultra reliable and affordable automatic Mahjong (Ma-Jiang) table.






Premium Series

For the guests that demand innovative design in seeking the balance between silence and efficiency in automatic mahjong table technology ultra luxury and reliable automatic Mahjong (Ma-Jiang) table.





Luxury Dining Table Series

Luxurious Dual use Dinning Table Series featured ultra slim/silent motors.  Serving as a standalone dining table and a fully automatic mahjong table.  Custom colors and options are available to fit any decor.  Custom Dining Table Furniture fully automatic Mahjong (Ma-Jiang) table.





Ultra Luxury Furniture and Dining table series

The series of custom furniture that is met with new age automatic mahjong table engineering.  Custom pieces of hand carved wood and colors; where your imagine it and we build it.   One such series is the wood of birch tree in the style from famous French designer Louis De Lanois. Ultra Luxury and Custom Made fully automatic Mahjong (Ma-Jiang) table.